Lee Kvern’s much-anticipated 7 WAYS TO SUNDAY, her new collection contains thirteen stories, which revolve around humanity in all its flawed glory: an artist’s girlfriend dies by mistake; a mother holds surveillance on her son’s foray into drugs; a sibling’s jealousy toward her sickly brother; a father’s death; a mother’s fear for her unbridled, grade two son; a woman with a hijab in the modern world of Save-on groceries. An arborist, his wife and a Shar-Pei are in need of an attitude adjustment; a dying senior looks back over her life, her children, her lost love; RCMP and prostitutes come for tea on a Wednesday afternoon.

“Lee Kvern is one of those generous writers who leaves her heart and intelligence on every page. And what a big heart it is. What a marvellously vibrant, wholly original intelligence.” Barbara Gowdy
HIGH GROUND, finalist for Howard’O’Hagan Award.

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THE MATTER OF SYLVIE nominated for the Alberta Book Awards and The Ottawa Relit Award
“From Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, to Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections, unhappy families have been a staple of literature all over the globe. What, or who, put the “y” in unhappy, in dysfunction? Canadian author Lee Kvern mines this question with a brutally honest sensitivity in her intimate family portrait of Lloyd and Jacqueline Burrows and their three children. In elegiac and spare prose, Kvern brings the reader from the oblique to the sublime, from the edges of the family to the heart of The Matter of Sylvie.” Betsey Van Horn  www.mostlyfiction.com

“There is no doubt that Sylvie Burrows is special. In her second novel, The MATTER OF SYLVIE, author Lee Kvern explores the effect one extraordinary child has on the lives of those around her.” Robin Dudgeon Winnipeg Review

The MATTER OF SYLVIE is one of those novels that draws the reader in and keeps them guessing.” Donna Gamache Prairie Fire Review

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Canada Reads Regional Pick by CBC Host Russell Bowers

AFTERALL nominated for the Alberta Book Awards

AFTERALL is a brilliant homeless comedy of errors, a midsummer’s night of near misses. Lee Kvern’s archetypal, original Dairyland maid and her borrowed child wander the starry streets of a dream-Vancouver in this inspired morality tale that is funny, scary, and bright as a midnight neon strip.” Marina Endicott, Giller-nominee Good To A Fault

AFTERALL is a stylish, sharply observational debut from a writer with a delightful sense of humour and an eye for the street.” Curtis Gillespie, author of Playing Through: A Year of Life and Links Along the Scottish Coast

“Lee Kvern’s spirited, funny and poignant first novella AFTERALL takes us for one night into the plush world of Vancouver’s Kitsilano in a kind of literary equivalent of Martin Scorsese’s Soho nightmare film, After Hours.” Christopher Wiebe VueWeekly