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TOURIST GIRLS~Tourist Girls by Lee Kvern is a boozy, ballsy and sexy story about competition, identity, and — okay, it’s really about a bikini contest in a seedy bar. We just wanted to sound all smart and stuff. Not that it’s not a smart story. It’s clever, punch and provocative. But what else would you expect from a writer as accomplished as Lee. She’s produced several award-winning short stories and two highly recognized novels, Afterall and The Matter of Sylvie.
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IN SEARCH OF LUCINDA~ Winner of the Hazel Hilles Memorial Award
EXCERPT: My father, three sheets to the wind, floats in the front door of our house. With him the hot July breeze, the yeasty after stench of the Airliner Hotel on Edmonton Trail; flowing beer, the darkened lounge in the daylight hours, worn out chairs and waitresses alike clothed in a murky crimson, the standard patrons mostly stray men, a few divorced women. Crown Royal served up like its name: sharp, golden, privileged to the off-duty RCMP like my father who also gathered there. Circa 1973 the same year my father is diagnosed, the kind of cancer that devours you from the inside out, like how a pear ripens slowly and you don’t notice until the dark bruises appear on his yellowing skin.
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DETACHMENT~Lush Triumphant Runner-up/Malahat Review Finalist~ subTerrain/issue no.61 Detachment 
EXCERPT: “Aurum and I walked home after school, his raspy-breathed terror, my anguish barely contained, calmed only by the line of poker-faced teachers on the playground. The school children stepping carefully around the debris of dead field mice, some live, most not – A Mickey Mouse murder scene.”   
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Marta is a human resources employee at a grocery store chain. She moves through life passively, always taking the path of least resistance. That is until one day at work, when she is confronted by an ethical dilemma: A hijab-wearing woman. A strict no-hats policy.

THIS IS A LOVE CRIME by Lee Kvern is a cunning and intensely human look at one of the central issues of our time. It negotiates the space between belief, racism, liberty, and sexuality with curiosity and compassion.” Todd Babiak, bestselling author of Toby: A Man and The Garneau Block  
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 WHITE~Winner of the CBC Literary Prize~Air Canada enRoute 
A third-generation Asian family attends a White Supremacist’s ice-fishing party.

“In confident, intelligent strokes WHITE describes an hour or so of this afternoon from the point of view of the mother, whose barely realized fears for her children make for an atmosphere of claustrophobic menace. Finely calibrated descriptions of animals and landscape both contribute to and contain the tension. Subtle narrative shifts wholly upend the reader’s expectations. Here is a writer for understands not only what to include but, more importantly and more impressively, what to leave out.”Jurors: Nino Ricci, Barbara Gowdy, Thomas King

   I MAY HAVE KNOWN YOU~Descant~Issue145~
Finalist for Howard’O’Hagan Award

I MAY HAVE KNOWN YOU “The style of writing is unique, highly descriptive, and the perfect vehicle for this poignant story of a longing mother and a troubled, mostly absent, son. This is a story for serious readers to read and re-read and study and appreciate every aspect of the craft.” Jurors Comments, Alberta Literary Awards.
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  WHITE~reprint~Freshwater Pearls 
EXCERPT: “We go despite the flat white on the horizon, the glittering ice crystals in the still, sunless air, the hard cold of a minus 20 day, frost clinging to the looped barbwire around the perimeter of the lake to keep the cows or the RCMP out, we don’t know which, the pungent odour of pot lingering in the air as my husband unsnaps Jaxen and Chase from their car seats, the large bonfire on the edge of a mapless lake, the smash of white strangers around the fire we don’t know save for my girlfriend Ella and her husband, and barely-the-brother Byrne. Nary the hint of colour beneath their skin, third-generation yellow beneath ours.” 
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EXCERPT:Atticus’ future girl was the one in the white sailor hat, the tight, dark clothing, melancholy look about her tenuous jaw, the fragile pink around her eyes, darkened green irises the colour of the Hudson River that he found so captivating, could be found daily on the flat, wide rocks just beyond the Jewish newspaper seller; Atticus’ summer morning swims. But here, this third Sunday in May, was Atticus’ future girl, a quiet intense black swirl across the teeming room of the defunct, grounded ferry on Newton Creek. The makeshift bar of the ferry was covered in heavy frayed rotting rope gathered the past week from boat salvage yards, empty gasoline cans strewn about the closed-in space, the water-wracked ATM machine, discarded Bic lighters by the dozens collected from Jones/Brighton/Long Beach, from Coney Island.    
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